What's 'Unique' About Swapping Stories?

Swapping Stories is an intercultural, oral history project that helps people find, develop, and exchange their stories.  By "walking in another's shoes", participants develop empathy, improve literacy and increase understanding of others' lives and stories.  We invite you to read the testimonials or watch the videos to see the process and hear what others thought of   their experience.


What Are Some of the Benefits of Participating in  This Program?

The benefits to participating in Swapping Stories Workshops are numerous!  In fact, we have dedicated an entire page to list the many Benefits!


Can We Conduct Additional Swapping Stories Sessions on our own after our Workshop?

An additional day to train future Swapping Stories workshop leaders is optional and can be added to your session. Please contact us for more information.


Are the Swapping Stories Workshops Videotaped or Photographed?

Audio and Video Taping & Editing are allowed, however they are the responsibility of the participating school or organization. Please note that any Video or Audio Publication of "Swapping Story" Workshops requires prior written approval.

How Long Do the Swapping Stories Workshops Last?

We offer a variety of workshops from introductory 60-90 minute sessions, to custom multi day sessions. The workshop length will depend on the age of the participants and the specific goals of each program.  Please contact us to discuss which workshop will best meet your needs.


What Can Swapping Stories Do For Your Community?

Swapping Stories will help your community:  

-Collect and honor contemporary oral histories

-Bridge cultural & generational gaps

-Develop links between groups that transcend gender, age and heritage.